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UN Investigators Warn of More 'Atrocity Crimes' in Ethiopia

September 22, 2022

[Image Source: © AFP, Amanuel Sileshi]

Cited article by France 24 (Additional sources: Al Jazeera and United Nations)

HRRC condemns the ongoing human rights violations and atrocities occurring in Ethiopia. With hostilities continuing in the country, the chance for further atrocities being carried out is certain. It is vital that civilians are protected from the violence and not targeted or prevented access to basic needs and rights. All parties participating in the violence must immediately cease their activities. In addition, the international community must continue to monitor the situation and provide aid to those suffering however they can.

Article Summary

The UN Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia was created last year by the UN Human Rights Council and is made up of three independent rights experts. In its first report, this Commission found evidence that a wide range of violations were carried out by all sides fighting in the Tigray region in November 2020. Specifically, the Commission states that there was "reasonable grounds to believe that, in several instances, these violations amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity".

The report further states there are "reasonable grounds to believe that the [Ethiopian] Federal Government and allied regional State governments have committed and continue to commit the crimes against humanity of persecution on ethnic grounds and other inhumane acts". There is belief that the Federal Government is denying or obstructing access to basic rights and needs as well as using starvation tactics as a warfare tactic. With fighting in Tigray resuming in August, there is a significant risk civilians will be further restricted and face physical harm.


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