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Human Rights Research Center advocates with humanity to promote the rights of all. Our Advocacy Coordinators work hard to impact legislation and make change for the betterment of society. While no issue is overlooked, below are some of our current initiatives.


LGBTQ+ Rights

The LGBTQ+ community have the right to live openly and without discrimination, as well as have equal rights and autonomy.

Reproductive Rights.png

Reproductive Rights

HRRC urges lawmakers to protect reproductive rights including a woman's right to choose.

Immigrant rights_edited.jpg

Immigrant Rights

International human rights law protects the immigrant, refugee, and asylum-seeker. HRRC works to change harmful legislation that violates immigrant rights.

Climate justice.png

Climate Justice

The climate crisis impacts everyone globally. HRRC strives to hold accountable those corporations who violate the United Nations' SDGs.


Gender-Based Violence

People should not be fearful of being violated, whether sexually, physically, or mentally. Violence, coercion, and manipulation are not acceptable.

Criminal justice reform.png

Criminal Justice Reform

The United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. HRRC pushes for reform in prisons and detention facilities, as well as within the judicial process.

Interested in supporting our advocacy efforts?

Please contact for more information.

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