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State Museums in Munich Publicly Disclose Provenance for Nazi-Era Artwork

September 6, 2022


Cited article by Angelica Villa, Art News

HRRC applauds the Bavarian State Painting Collections Foundation for publishing a database on artworks in Munich that were acquired during Nazi looting. Measures like this promote transparency and tell authentic histories of the works, as well as help to commemorate the families who lost these items and much more.

Article Summary

A foundation based in Munich that oversees art collection throughout the German state is publicly disclosing the provenance histories of over 1,000 works which were acquired through looting during the Nazi era. The foundation, The Bavarian State Painting Collections, is launching a database with the 1,200 paintings that were acquired during the National Socialist period or had ties to Nazi officials.

Provenance research has been conducted since 1999 on artworks obtained between the years of 1933 and 1945. Artworks obtained during this period are often met with claims from the descendants of persecuted Jewish families. In the public database, the works listed will contain a note detailing the history of the piece to promote calls for transparency in museums.


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