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Lethal Repression Used Against Indigenous Protestors in Peru

February 17, 2023

[Image Source: © Flor Ruiz/Amnesty International]

Cited article by Amnesty International

HRRC calls on the Army and National Police of Peru to halt the use of lethal ammunition as a method of control against protests and demonstrations. Further, the government should conduct a full investigation into these actions and encourage people to report incidents.

Article Summary

Large-scale protests began in Peru in December 2022, during which the Army and National Police of Peru (PNP) allegedly used lethal ammunition against protestors, mainly targeting indigenous peoples and campesinos (rural farmworkers). While investigating the allegations, Amnesty International identified 46 cases of possible human rights violations and documented 12 deaths due to firearms.

Most of the protests have been peaceful, although there have been some instances of demonstrator aggression. Despite this, lethal force must not be used. International human rights law prohibits the use of firearms with lethal ammunition to control demonstrations. Since protests began, approximately 1,200 protestors and 580 police officers have been injured. Investigations into the use of force appears to be under-funded, and stigmatization of protestors can prevent them from gaining access to justice.


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