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Deadly Air Pollution in Bosnia & Herzegovina is a Human Rights Issue

August 29, 2022

[Image Source: © 2022 Felix Horne/Human Rights Watch]

Cited article by Human Rights Watch

HRRC is concerned over the high pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina and joins Human Rights Watch in calling on the country, and other countries producing air pollution, to quickly adopt green energy alternatives. The reliance on energy production methods that produce significant pollution are contributing to climate change as well as degrading the health of all people.

Article Summary

Bosnia & Herzegovina has the fifth-highest mortality rate from pollution, due to a heavy reliance on coal and wood for heating and coal for electricity. The result is the premature death of thousands every year. Additional thousands suffer from respiratory disease and cardiovascular conditions. The elderly and children are particularly at risk from the air and water pollution in the country.

Part of the problem in tackling the issue comes from the complex governmental system present, as there is no environmental protection body and little coordination between the various levels of government. The use of coal for energy isn't a problem specific to Bosnia & Herzegovina, and globally contributes roughly 20% of greenhouse emissions while also contributing to the deaths of 7 million people annually. Human Rights Watch specifically recommends that Bosnia & Herzegovina quickly transition to green energy alternatives, as these methods could improve health as well as provide lucrative jobs.


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