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Ukrainian Refugees at Serious Risk of Human Trafficking

August 1, 2022

[Image Source: Via CNN]

Cited article by Ivana Kottasová and Ana Sârbu, CNN

HRRC urges those countries already providing aid to Ukraine continue their support and implement strict policies and practices to deter human trafficking. Whether the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict ends and mass exodus of refugees subsides, those trafficked during this time face long-term harm.

Article Summary

Security on the Ukrainian borders have been warned to be alert for signs of trafficking of women and children. One such instance details a woman claiming to bring her nephew across the border, who appeared extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, authorities investigated and reunited the child with their family. Humanitarian organizations monitoring the refugee situation in Ukraine have stated that these cases are not uncommon and predominantly target women and children.

While the war in Ukraine has brought aid workers from around the globe to help at the borders, it also has brought those looking to exploit civilians desperate for aid and escape. Since the start of the war approximately, 5.9 million people have fled Ukraine, with most of those being women and children. Some countries accepting Ukrainian refugees have serious issues with trafficking, as the influx of transient people seeking support are vulnerable targets for traffickers.


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