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Ukraine: One Year of War

February 24, 2023

[Image Source: ©AFP via Getty Images]

Cited article by Amnesty International

HRRC continues to stand in support of Ukraine one year after the Russian invasion. In an article published today, Amnesty International provides key areas that the international community and humanitarian organizations should adhere to in order to provide adequate support for those most at risk and to seek justice for Russia's war crimes.

Article Summary

It has been one year since the war in Ukraine began. Amnesty International has documented war crimes such as the targeting of critical Ukrainian infrastructure and humanitarian blocking aid for civilians. As the war is ongoing, the full scale of damage and human rights abuses remains unknown, and the protection, assistance, and justice for civilians must remain a priority for the international community.

Amnesty International further recommends key areas that the international community should focus on to provide the necessary assistance to Ukrainians. Identifying the rights of victims and their needs will be pivotal, not only to alleviate immediate suffering but to provide justice and reparations. Collective action through sustained commitment and coordination must take place to ensure fair, effective, and impartial investigations. Humanitarian aid is a necessity and the specific needs of at-risk groups must be prioritized. We join Amnesty International in calling for accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity.


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