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Texas Implements 6-Week Abortion Restrictions by Allowing Private Lawsuits

September 1, 2021

[Image Source: Sergio Flores/Getty Images]

Cited article by Tierney Sneed, CNN

HRRC's Response:

Texas has established the ability for private citizens to sue anyone involved in abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, effectively placing a ban on 85% of abortion operations that take place. This raises significant concerns as to the future of the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade, as well as setting a precedent for other states to establish their own restrictions on abortions.

The new law doesn't criminalize the act of abortion outright, but instead allows private citizens to sue anyone involved in the abortion up to $10,000. This places a great deal of pressure on services in Texas that provide abortions and may prevent them from operating at all. The only method for those seeking abortions would be to travel out of state which would disproportionately affect those of lower income status.

HRRC urges the Supreme Court object to the implementation of this law, and uphold Roe v. Wade. The restrictions on medically safe abortions do not prevent abortions taking place, and drastically increase the health risks and costs to those seeking abortions. It is in the interest of public health and safety to support institutions that provide sexual health and wellness, as well as safe methods of abortion.


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