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September 12-18, 2022: Week in Review

September 19, 2022


HRRC's Publications

A Human Rights-Based Approach to Relocation After Ecological Disasters

By Lauren Salim


News Highlights

September 16, 2022 - U.S. Civil Rights Groups Request UN to Investigate 'Death by Incarceration' as a Violation of Rights

September 13, 2022 - UK Freedom of Speech Concerns Raised Over Arrests of Anti-Royal Protestors


Other Notable Stories


September 12, 2022

Myanmar: Increasing evidence of crimes against humanity since coup

By UN News


September 12, 2022

Russia intimidating opponents of Ukraine war, acting U.N. rights chief says

By Reuters


September 13, 2022

North Korea rules out denuclearization. The West should prioritize human rights

By Joseph Bosco, The Hill


September 13, 2022

Revealed: how UK targeted American civil rights leader in covert campaign

By Jason Burke, The Guardian


September 13, 2022

US States Fail to Protect Children’s Rights

By Human Rights Watch


September 13, 2022

Living Without Rights Feels Normal in El Salvador. It Shouldn’t Be.

By Tamara Taraciuk Broner, Human Rights Watch


September 14, 2022

U.S. blocks $130 million in aid to Egypt over human rights

By Missy Ryan, The Washington Post


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