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Scotland to Provide Period Products Free of Charge

August 19, 2022

[Image Source: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images]

Cited article by Becky Sullivan, NPR

HRRC celebrates Scotland's historic legislature to provide period products for free nationwide. While Scotland is the first and only country to pass this measure, it sets the stage for more countries to follow the example to ensure that those who experience periods are able to obtain sanitary products free of charge.

Article Summary

Scotland has approved legislations from 2020 making period products, such as tampons and pads, free of charge in locations such as pharmacies and community centers across the country. While Scotland is the first to do provide these products on a national scale, New Zealand and Kenya distribute these products for free through public schools. Awareness has been growing on how access to period products can affect financial stability and education (read an article by a HRRC contributor here).

In some countries, and particularly the United States, period products can be expensive. A recent study by George Mason University identified that approximately 14% of American college students struggle to afford period products. These difficulties are higher for those students who are Black or Latin. The struggle to afford these products can also lead to a higher likelihood of depression.


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