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  • The Scotsman

Scotland is the First Country Globally to Embed LGBT Education in Schools

September 23, 2021

[Image Source: The Scotsman]

Cited article by Jane Bradley, The Scotsman

HRRC's Response:

Scotland has made huge strides in education and progressive policy by being the first country to implement inclusive LGBT education throughout the school curriculum. This will provide school staff with toolkits of LGBT educational teaching resources. Additionally, websites will provide additional resources for students should they require them.

Various subjects being taught across age ranges will now include LGBT identity topics as well as related histories. This new curriculum aims to normalize such topics and promote equality and inclusive behavior in schools in an effort to combat bullying and discrimination, which is a current issue in schools.

HRRC supports access to education for all children and recognizes that any bullying or discrimination within schools can severely diminish a child's ability to learn, as well as harm their interest in education. LGBT topics should be widely taught and normalized in all educational settings to promote inclusion and understanding.


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