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Satellite Imaging Indicates Mass Graves in Ukraine

May 26, 2022

[Image Source: Planet Labs via CNN]

Cited article by CNN

HRRC is monitoring the ongoing events in Ukraine and expresses deep concern for the continued assault by Russian forces. Last week, satellite imagery showed evidence of mass graves and the destruction of food storages outside Mariupol, indicating escalating war tactics by the Russian attackers.

Article Summary

Satellite imaging is being used to monitor ongoing activity in Ukraine. One of the companies monitoring the destruction is U.S.-based company Planet Labs. Recent imaging shows that mass graves and trenches are being dug outside the city of Mariupol. Estimations indicate that these graves could be in preparation for at least 5,000 bodies.

Additional satellite imagery has shown digging at Chernobyl. Agricultural sites are also being targeted and destroyed, which poses significant threat to the already existing food scarcity crisis in the country and around the world. The use of satellite technology provides valuable information to governments, universities, and humanitarian groups to document and monitor ongoing global atrocities and conflicts.


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