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Rohingya Refugee Camps Facing Increasing Restrictions

April 11, 2022

[Image Source:© 2021 Tanbir Miraj/AFP via Getty]

Cited article by Human Rights Watch

HRRC calls on Bangladesh authorities to cease the demolition of refugee markets and end the continuing restrictions placed on inhabitants. Aid should be provided to the Rohingya refugee camps, as should be provided to all refugee camps and those in the difficult position of fleeing life threatening conditions.

Article Summary

Bangladesh authorities are increasingly imposing restrictions on Rohingya refugee camps. These restrictions involve impeding free movement, restricting livelihoods, prohibiting education, and other measures that prevent those residing in the camps from living freely. Amid mounting pressure to relocate refugee camps, there are concerns that authorities are deliberately making life more difficult for the refugees to persuade them to return to Myanmar or relocate to other camps.

Since October 2001, over 3,000 shops have been destroyed by the authorities, in many cases without notice. Many of these shops were parts of informal marketplaces that were necessary to provide basic necessities and aid rations. Additionally, the shops provided support for the families of the owners. In some cases, the owners aren't given notice to remove the products in their shops, and lose out on both the ability to support their families, but also the stock that was already present.


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