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Ongoing Abuses Against Libyan Migrants

January 25, 2022

[Image Credit: AP Photo/Yousef Murad, File]

Cited article by Renata Brito, Frank Jordans and Lorne Cook, AP News

HRRC is concerned over the reports of human rights abuses, possibly amounting to crimes against humanity, committed by Libyan authorities to reduce refugee migration. Additionally, the continued funding of Libyan activities by the EU in spite of the awareness of the abuses taking place is reprehensible.

Article Summary

Abuses continue against Libyan migrants, while a confidential EU Military report is calling for the continuation of a program that is training and equipping Libya's Coast Guard. The report indicates that there is excessive force being used and that EU training is not being utilized. Despite this, it seems the EU is determined to continue supporting the Libyan Coast Guard in order to stem the flow of refugees coming through the country into the EU. The EU acknowledges the concern but remains determined to attempt to train Libyan authorities and give them aid.

The report adds to the ongoing criticisms of the EU's migration policies. A minimum of three requests have already been filed to the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes against humanity, and a U.N. inquiry in October found evidence supporting abuses in Libya possibly amounting to crimes against humanity. Despite the ongoing concerns, the EU maintains its support, and Libya places those committing abuses in positions of power.


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