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Mexico Rules That Any Penalization of Abortion is Unconstitutional

September 7, 2021

Banner reads "Free Abort" [Image Source: September 7, 2021. REUTERS/Daniel Becerril]

Cited article by Lizbeth Diaz and Laura Gottesdiener, Reuters

HRRC's Response:

Mexico's Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that any penalty to abortions is to be considered unconstitutional. This has lead to abortions being decriminalized, yet it has not necessarily legalized the act completely. Considering that Mexico is the world's second-largest Roman Catholic country, this will not negate but lessen the stigma around abortions.

This ruling comes shortly after the concerning ruling in the opposite direction across the border in Texas. Despite the regressive approach to abortion rights seen in the United States, the Mexican Supreme Court's decision stands as a monumental ruling for women in Mexico, with possible implications for women in Texas. Legal punishments against abortions in Mexico have primarily affected women on lower incomes, with some still in jail at the time of this ruling.

HRRC is supportive of the decision by the Mexican government. We hope that this sets a precedent for other countries to ensure legal protections for women's health.


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