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ISIS-Linked Attacks Trigger Humanitarian Emergency in Northern Mozambique

March 4, 2024

Displaced individuals from Cabo Delgado gather for humanitarian aid in Namapa, Mozambique, on February 27, 2024. [Image Credit: 2024 Alfredo Zuniga | AFP via Getty Images]

Cited article from Human Rights Watch

HRRC addresses the pressing need for improved security measures in vulnerable areas and comprehensive plans to protect and reintegrate displaced people in Mozambican. HRRC also calls for improved security measures, humanitarian assistance, and accountability for those responsible for the violence.

News Brief

The northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado is witnessing a surge in deadly attacks orchestrated by an armed group associated with ISIS, known as Al-Shabab or Mashababos. Recent assaults include raids on villages resulting in civilian casualties and clashes with Mozambican soldiers, leading to a significant displacement of over 67,000 people in the past two months. The affected groups of people seek refuge in neighboring provinces, prompting urgent calls from the United Nations for humanitarian aid and protection.

The attacks have not only claimed lives but also destroyed essential infrastructure such as houses, schools, and health centers, exacerbating the already strained public services in the region. Despite government assertions that security forces, supported by regional troops, have the situation under control, the recent events highlight the ongoing threat faced by residents of Cabo Delgado.


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