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Iran Court Issues Death Sentences to Protestors

November 14, 2022

Photo: Iranians protest the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after she was detained by the morality police in Tehran on Oct. 1 [Image credit: MIDDLE EAST IMAGES/AP]

Cited article by David Gritten, BBC News

HRRC calls for the immediate overturn of the issued death sentences. Further, all protestors currently in custody must be released and all civilians must have their rights protected. The Iranian government and courts are demonizing protestors and taking extreme measures to silence opposition. Freedom of speech is a human right, as is the right to a fair trial.

Article Summary

In the two months following the murder of Mahsa Amini by Iran's morality police, the country has experienced nationwide protests, reportedly in over 140 cities and towns. The government has deemed the protests as riots and is conducting a brutal crack down. According to Iran Human Rights, at least 326 protestors have been killed thus far by government security forces, including women and children. Another human rights agency reported that roughly 15,300 protestors have been detained since protests began.

Today, a Revolutionary Court in Tehran sentenced five people to death, while another 20 await sentencing for "charges punishable by death". According to local media sources, courts in another three provinces are issuing sentences and scheduling hearings for nearly 3,000 people for their involvement in the protests. As the people continue to demand justice and change, it is unlikely the Iranian government will cease its human rights violations. The international community must intervene to save those facing execution and protect those who are practicing their rights to free speech.


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