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Indonesia Passes Law Significantly Rolling Back Human Rights

December 6, 2022

[Image Source: © NurPhoto via Getty Images via Amnesty International]

Cited article by Amnesty International UK

HRRC expresses great concern about Indonesia's new law. The law significantly infringes upon basic human rights, such as the rights to privacy and free speech. Criticism against the government has been widespread and with the passing of this law protestors and critics could face severe repercussions.

Article Summary

Indonesia's House of Representatives have passed a law that poses significant setbacks to human rights in the country. The violation to the right to privacy includes criminalizing sex outside of marriage, cohabitation outside of marriage, and promoting contraception, while abortion remains completely illegal. The law additionally criminalizes insults against the president, vice-president, the government, and other state-run institutions. Furthermore, broadly classified, unsanctioned public demonstrations are outlawed.

This new law raises significant concerns over how the punishments will be implemented, and the degree to which the Indonesian government can infringe upon citizens' privacy. Other implemented measures also will present the government opportunity to severely punish any protests or comments against current leaders that are deemed "insulting". Additional concerns include the possibility these new provisions will run counter to international laws regarding genocide and crimes against humanity.


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