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Growing Human Rights Concerns Over Nigerian Terrorism Trials

April 12, 2022

[Image Source: MSN via Al Jazeera, Rebecca Blackwell/AP Photo]

Cited article by Chinedu Asadu, AP News

HRRC recognizes the necessity of public trials to preserve and protect the human rights of all. While there are situations in which information must remain confidential, generalized statements such as those made in Nigeria endanger the entire judicial process and increase risk of corruption.

Article Summary

Nigeria has started conducting terrorism trials in its courts where both the media and public are banned. This notably began during the trail of the pro-Biafra separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu. Instead of a generalized statement, activists claim that, by determining whether information should be seen by the public or not should be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Concern is not solely focused on the trial of Kanu. Activists state that there are dozens of individuals being held on terrorism charges who have been imprisoned for years. Without holding public hearings for these terrorism trials, the right to a public trial in itself is challenged. With a blanket order excluding the press and public, public trust in the judicial system weakens.


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