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Families of Iranian World Cup Players Allegedly Threatened by Iran Government

November 28, 2022

[Image Source: Morteza Nikoubazl/NurPhoto/Getty Images]

Cited article by Sam Kiley, CNN

HRRC recognizes the dangerous position the Iranian players are in while at the World Cup. We urge attending countries and FIFA to support their freedoms of speech in whatever way they can. Global sporting events such as the World Cup can be platforms to display existing turmoil in players' home countries, silencing those who might speak out in protest as they will face extreme punishments upon their return.

Article Summary

A CNN source has claimed that Iranian players in the World Cup are facing threats against their families. The Iran government allegedly threatens that players' families will face imprisonment and torture if they do not sing the Iranian national anthem in ongoing games. Before their game with the England team on November 21, the Iran players remained silent instead of singing their national anthem. It also was reported that Iranian security agencies have dozens of officers within the crowds in Qatar monitoring the team's activities.

The World Cup is taking place during nationwide protests in Iran which experts are calling the most significant since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Chief is quoted stating the Iran is in a “full-fledged human rights crisis”. On Sunday, Iran had called for the United States to be removed from the World Cup after American broadcasts refused to show the Iranian flag on social media in support of the protestors.


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