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China Fires Missiles Near Taiwan after Pelosi Visit

August 4, 2022

Cited article by Yimou Lee and Sarah Wu, Reuters

HRRC calls for an end to the increasing aggression and military threats by China toward Taiwan. Taiwan has stated that the people on the island have the sole right to determine their sovereignty, and China's continued threats to forcibly take the island are in opposition to the rights and freedoms of those in Taiwan.

Article Summary

Marking the largest military drills in the Taiwan strait, China launched aircraft and fired live missiles near Taiwan shortly after U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited. Broadcast TV stated that China launched over 100 planes, including fighters, bombers, and at least 10 warships. Taiwan's defense ministry reported they scrambled jets to warn away Chinese aircraft that crossed the Median line and into Taiwan airspace, and the missiles passed over mainland Taiwan. Japan also claimed five of the missiles entered their economic zone.

China continues to reaffirm its right to take Taiwan by force, and that the differences between China and Taiwan are an internal affair. Those in Taiwan's defense ministry have faced hacking attempts against their websites and the presidential office and have been warned of oncoming psychological warfare attempts. The U.S. stated it has no official diplomatic relations with Taiwan, however. due to Taiwan rejects China's sovereignty, by law the U.S. will provide Taiwan the means to defend itself.


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