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Argentina to Lead United Nations Human Rights Council

December 13, 2021

[Image Source: William Dotinga/Courthouse News]

Cited article by James Francis Whitehead, Courthouse News Service

HRRC celebrates the unanimous vote to have Argentina lead the UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR). This stands as a testament to the progress the country has made, and we look forward to seeing advancements in the commitment to human rights.

Article Summary

For the first time, Argentina will lead the UNHCR. Notably, this decision was made by a unanimous vote by all 47 member states on the council. The announcement was made shortly after Argentina celebrated the 38th anniversary of the country's return to democracy on December 10th, and solidifies the high regard for the country's democratic standing.

Prior to becoming a democracy in 1983, Argentina was ruled by a military dictatorship. Throughout the mid-1970's to the early 80's, the country's government carried out a war against left-wing activists that resulted in the disappearance of as many as 30,000 civilians. Following the return to democracy, human rights groups played a pivotal role in the trials that sentenced those members of the military responsible for committing human rights abuses.


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