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Amnesty Report: Sri Lanka Must Incorporate Human Rights in Addressing Country's Crisis

October 6, 2022

Cited article by Amnesty International

HRRC acknowledges and supports the recommendations by Amnesty International in addressing the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka. It should be a priority of both the country and international community to utilize a human rights approach to ensure country stability.

Article Summary

A new report on Sri Lanka has been released by Amnesty International. The Sri Lankan people are currently experiencing an extreme economic crisis. The country is facing issues in accessing healthcare, while many people are close to starvation, malnutrition, and in poverty. Amnesty International’s Researcher on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Sanhita Ambast, stated that, "Sri Lankan authorities and the international community must act quickly to mitigate the widespread human rights cost of the crisis, which has cruelly stripped away people’s access to their rights.”

In the report, Amnesty recommends that Sri Lanka's leaders and the international community should put recovery measures in place to safeguard human rights. These measures include increasing the amount of international assistance, developing and maintaining comprehensive social protection, and consider any method of debt relief including the cancellation of debts.


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