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61st Anniversary of Ruby Bridges Walk to School

November 14, 2021

Cited article by Kevin McGill, Associated Press via ABC News

HRRC's Response:

It has been 61 years since four girls were escorted into newly desegregated schools, including then six-year-old Ruby Bridges. These girls were met with angry crowds attempting to prevent them from entering previously all white schools, and required law enforcement escorts. Ruby Bridges and her mother had to be escorted to school by law enforcement for an entire year, and routinely encountered crowds making threats and yelling slurs at them.

These girls did not fully understand the significance of what they represented at that time. It was only years later when teachers in high school mentioned books about them that the girls researched the famous Brown v. The Board of Education case; they then realized what their attendance demonstrated to the country and the world. The three girls who attended McDonogh school were escorted on the 61st Anniversary to the very same building, now known as the Tate Etienne Prevost Center, a museum for civil rights.

HRRC honors these four girls and recognizes the role they played in furthering civil rights in the United States. HRRC commends their bravery to attend newly desegregated schools and face the difficulties that followed, they unknowingly paved the way for future generations of children to experience equality in the classroom. All children deserve access to and equality in their education.


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