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UN Member States Supplying Myanmar with Weapons

May 19, 2023

Tom Andrews, Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar, briefs reporters at UN Headquarters. [Image credit: UN Photo/Loey Felipe]

Cited article by UN News

HRRC is highly concerned over the findings in the recent UN report regarding the sale and transfer of weapons to the Myanmar military. Myanmar is carrying out a violent campaign against the Rohingya Muslims, human rights activists, and anti-junta protestors. Supplying the military with weapons not only violates UN-enforced sanctions, but also allows the human rights abuses to continue.

Article Summary

In a recent report, UN Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews found that several UN member states were avoiding sanctions and weapons bans in Myanmar by creating and using front companies, relying on lax enforcement of sanctions. “Despite overwhelming evidence of the Myanmar military’s atrocity crimes against the people of Myanmar, the generals continue to have access to advanced weapons systems, spare parts for fighter jets, raw materials and manufacturing equipment for domestic weapons production,” stated Andrews.

During his investigation into human rights abuses in Myanmar, Andrews discovered that Russia, China, Singapore, Thailand, and India were supplying the military with the most weapons of any other countries. With these findings, the UN called for a complete and immediate ban on the sale or transfer of weapons to Myanmar, as well as urging governments to enforce existing bans and sanctions.

Source: OHCHR. The Billion Dollar Death Trade: The International Arms Networks That Enable Human Rights Violations in Myanmar.


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