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Taliban Bars Women from Education and Working in Humanitarian Organizations

December 28, 2022

Afghan women’s rights defenders and civil activists protest to call on the Taliban for the preservation of their achievements and education. [Image source: Reuters]

Cited article by Isabella Kwai, The New York Times

HRRC condemns the Taliban for banning Afghan women from attending school and working in humanitarian organizations. This is a clear violation of women's rights and humans rights. Additionally, these bans pose the risk of exacerbating the deteriorating economic situation in Afghanistan, and endangers the health and welfare of those in the country.

Article Summary

The Taliban recently banned women from working in both local and international humanitarian organizations. Due to this, several aid organizations in Afghanistan have temporarily ceased operations. While this action is a clear violation of women's rights, it also places the country at high risk of losing billions of dollars in critical aid. In addition, the ban on women attending public and private universities raise concerns that the Taliban is returning to hardline rule from the 1990's.

In a joint statement, several aid organizations said, "We cannot effectively reach children, women and men in desperate need in Afghanistan without our female staff”. Further, additional concerns are raised that the reduction in female staff will drastically damage the already dire economic situation in the country.

Nearly two-thirds of the Afghanistan population ((28.3 million people) are anticipated to rely on external aid this year, and the UN reported in December that over six million Afghans are at famine-levels of food insecurity.


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