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  • Human Rights Watch

New Report on Discrimination Facing South Korean LGBT Students

September 14, 2021

[Image Source: © 2018 Gowun Lee, Human Rights Watch

Cited article by Human Rights Watch

HRRC's Response:

Human Rights Watch released a 76-page report that reveals the experiences of isolation and mistreatment by LGBT youth in South Korean schools. Specifically, the report found accounts of students facing bullying and harassment, lacking mental health support, school curriculum that excludes these students, and discrimination based on gender identity.

While some regions have localized student rights organizations and protections in place, the national government has yet to enact any policies, laws, or actions to protect against discriminatory actions. This lack of protection and action only exacerbates the already damaging experiences facing these students. While some services are meant to support students, the report finds that these services aren't well implemented and even show evidence of bias against LGBT individuals.

HRRC advocates for the rights of those being discriminated against and for safe environments where all can receive education. The South Korean government must take steps to ensure that all children in their educational system receive proper protections that enable them the best possible education. In situations where specific groups are being targeted, the government must take appropriate steps to ensure all circumstances are taken into account and provide equal protections.


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