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Amnesty International Recommends 10-Step Human Rights Plan for Somalia

November 15, 2022

[Image Source: © Tobin Jones via Amnesty International]

Cited article by Amnesty International

HRRC supports the priorities listed by Amnesty International to promote human rights development in Somalia. The new government has made promises to highlight human rights as well as security and justice reconciliation, and this guide provides a strong foundation for accomplishing these goals.

Article Summary

Six months ago President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his administration took office in Somalia, promising safety and security for the people. In May 2022, the administration officially announced that it's priorities would also include social development. However, this have yet to be fulfilled. As a result, Amnesty International has released a 10-step outline for prioritizing human rights.

The full report and outline can be found here. The 10-point agenda highlights the needs to:

  1. Protect civilians in conflict

  2. Reform the judicial system

  3. Ensure justice and reparation for abuses committed by foreign forces

  4. Uphold and respect freedom of expression

  5. Guarantee and adequately resource access to the right to health for everyone

  6. Protect Internally Displaced Persons and end forced evictions

  7. Safeguard children’s rights

  8. Safeguard women and girls’ human rights and protect them from sexual violence

  9. Mitigating against climate change and other crises

  10. Establish and operationalize the National Human Rights Commission

Additionally, Amnesty International advises that the new government address the human rights violations taking place during the ongoing conflict between Somali Security Forces and Al-Shabaab and associated groups.


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