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Thomas Shacklock, MSc

Research Analyst, Minority Rights, Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution

Tom Shacklock is a graduate from the University of Bristol, UK, where he completed his MSc in International Relations and focused on peacebuilding, minority rights, and genocide with a concentration on sub-Saharan Africa. He previously graduated with a BA in French Studies from the University of Birmingham, for which he also spent a year abroad in Lyon, France. Tom used his time at university to explore his interest in international affairs through various student journalism societies. Since graduating, Tom has been a volunteer research analyst at Genocide Watch, where he focuses on producing reports and Timestreams for countries in Central, Eastern and Western Africa. He has collaborated with external researchers and activists from the Congolese diaspora to help raise awareness of the genocide of the Banyamulenge in DR Congo. He has also run a side-project researching cases of persecution of LGBTQI+ people where there is genocidal intent. Alongside his role at Genocide Watch, Tom has worked in London as a freelance private tutor, and he volunteered as a researcher for diplomacy consultancy Grassroots Diplomat from May 2020 to January 2021. As a contributor at the HRRC, Tom is continuing to focus on research on genocide, persecution, and minority rights.

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