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UN Human Rights Chief Expelled from Mali

February 7, 2023

[Image Source: REUTERS/Luc Gnago/File Photo]

Cited article by Reuters

HRRC is concerned over the expulsion of the UN peacekeeping human rights mission from Mali. The allegations of human rights abuses and violations must be investigated to ensure the safety and security all civilians in the country.

Article Summary

The interim government in Mali made the head of the UN peacekeeping mission's human rights division vacate the country within 48 hours, declaring him persona non grata (unwelcome). Guillaume Ngefa-Atondoko Andali was present in the country in response to rights experts requesting the UN conduct an independent investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The current Mali government took power following a military coup in 2021 and has pushed back against the allegations stating they adhere to human rights standards enshrined in international law. However, increasing reports claim human rights violations and abuses continue being perpetrated by Malian authorities and Russian private military contractor, the Wagner Group.


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