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U.S. Sends Long-Range Missile Systems to Kyiv

June 1, 2022

Russian Bombardments of Ukrainian Cities [Image Source: Aris Messinis / AFP - Getty Images]

Cited article by Patrick Galey and Erin McLaughlin, NBC News

HRRC continues monitoring the situation in Ukraine and expresses concern for the safety and well-being of civilians in the country. The ability for Ukraine to defend itself and maintain its sovereignty is of vital importance, however the supply of long-range missiles from the United States may contribute to ongoing atrocities and provide the opportunity for attacks on Russian soil.

Article Summary

After months of requests from Ukrainian forces, the U.S. has agreed to provide long-range missile systems to Ukraine. These weapon systems will enable Ukrainian forces to fire further and faster to counteract Russian artillery. The Kremlin has stated that this action is the U.S. "deliberately pouring oil on the fire".

Statements indicate that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is now focused heavily on artillery, and the use of longer range missiles will provide significant defensive capabilities. This move by the U.S. is similar to many of the countries supporting Ukraine, including Germany's plans to provide anti-aircraft weaponry and radar systems. While these measures do little to assist the already damaged eastern portion of Ukraine, they may prove a key asset to the defense of important urban centers.

The Biden administration stated that they will only provide the missiles under the agreement that Ukraine will not use them to strike into Russia.


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