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U.S. Removes Human Rights Violation Designation for Ethiopia

June 30, 2023

Tigray People's Liberation Front fighters gather in Mekelle, the capital of Ethiopia's Tigray region, on June 30, 2021 [Image Source: YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES]

Cited article by Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

HRRC supports international humanitarian and economic aid for Ethiopian civilians affected by the violence ravaging the country. However, with reports of ongoing human rights violations, it is critical the United States and international community monitor the implementation of aid to ensure funds are being used appropriately.

Article Summary

The United States President Biden Administration notified Congress that it no longer considers Ethiopia as continuing a “pattern of gross violations of human rights,” thus allowing the U.S. to provide economic aid to the country. However, this decision contradicts the ongoing reports of human rights abuses and genocide in the Northern Tigray Region of Ethiopia. In addition, this announcement follows reports by the U.S. Agency for International Development that "it discovered 'widespread and coordinated' theft of vital aid for millions of people still afflicted by the fallout from the war and at risk of famine."

The U.S. halted funding to Ethiopia from November 2020 to November 2022 due to the war in Tigray, complying with issued statements by international financial institutions to avoid loans and financial assistance to countries engaging in human rights violations. The removal of the designation on Ethiopia is regarded as a move by the Biden Administration to strengthen its ties in Africa, as Ethiopia is the largest economy on the continent and host to the African Union.


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