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  • The Montgomery Advertiser

Rosa Parks Monument Unveiled at Her Museum

December 1, 2021

[Image Source: Ian Mangum/Advertiser]

Cited article by Shannon Heupel, Montgomery Advertiser

HRRC's Response:

Today, Wednesday, December 1, 2021, a new memorial of Rosa Parks will be unveiled in the same area in which she was arrested 66 years ago. The museum, in Rosa Parks's namesake, is erecting an artistic structure made of steel to memorialize the role that Parks played in the civil rights movement.

The display is located on the same corner on which Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus due to segregated seating. Parks's refusal to move from her seat led to protests against racial segregations, and further to court appeals regarding the segregation of blacks, including to the backs of busses. Parks was a symbolic representation that lead to the boycott of the bus system, and reform years later.

HRRC honors Rosa Parks and recognizes the important role she played in spurring the civil rights movement in the United States, which continues today as we address the ongoing racial issues that pervade our society. Equality and equity are goals HRRC strive for, and memorials such as these are a testament to the strength and hope individuals can bring to the causes of social justice and human rights for all.


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