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Report Finds Sex Worker Activists Are Among the Most At-Risk Human Rights Defenders

August 12, 2021

[Image Source: Samuel Centre For Social Connectedness]

Cited article by Sarah Johnson, The Guardian

HRRC's Response:

A report published this month by the human rights group Front Line Defenders, finds that sex worker activists are one of the most at-risk groups of human rights defenders. Not only does their visibility as sex workers raise their level of risk, but due to their human rights activism they face specific types of abuses.

The report (found here) is based on the experiences of 300 people in Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, El Salvador, and Myanmar. The specific activists coming from sex work are often the only one's who are able and willing to provide important health education to their fellow workers, and this can go a long way to preventing debilitating injuries and illnesses. Many of these activists face torture, threats in public using their names, threats via social media, and requests for services by police in exchange for advocacy.

HRRC reinforces the need for safety and security for all human rights defenders, and highlights the inclusion of sex workers rights as an important part of human rights. HRRC further seeks to share the importance of sex workers who are advocating on behalf of those in similar circumstances, as they are often the only one's who can best address the communities most in need.


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