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Ireland to Begin Legal Challenge Against UK for Troubles Amnesty

December 22, 2023

Photo Credit: Pacemaker

Cited article by BBC

HRRC firmly supports the decision of the Irish government to take legal action, emphasizing the imperative of ensuring equal protection of rights. This proactive stance aligns with HRRC's commitment to upholding human rights and promoting equality in Ireland.

News Brief

The Irish government has decided to initiate a legal challenge against the UK government regarding its Troubles legacy act, which grants immunity for crimes committed during the Northern Ireland conflict. The controversial law, enacted in September, has faced opposition from Dublin and all major political parties in Northern Ireland. Critics argue that the legislation provides amnesty, hindering access to justice. Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris expressed regret over the Irish government's decision, stating that it was unnecessary given the ongoing legal proceedings in the UK. The Irish challenge is based on the European Convention on Human Rights, and Tánaiste Micheál Martin emphasized concerns raised by international observers and opposition from people in Northern Ireland, especially those directly affected.

In addition to legal action by victims and survivors in Belfast's High Court, the Irish government's challenge in Strasbourg represents a significant move against the Troubles Act. Victims' families, seeking truth, accountability, and justice, support the legal challenge. The legislation, which aims to draw a line under the Troubles, has faced criticism for ending new inquests and civil actions related to the conflict. Despite the UK government's confidence in the effectiveness of the Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery, the Irish legal challenge adds complexity to the already contentious issue, with potential consequences for UK-Ireland relations.


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