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Hitler's Birth Home to be Center for Police Human Rights Training

May 24, 2023

[Image Source: AFP via BBC]

Cited article by Bethany Bell, BBC News

HRRC supports the conversion of Hitler's birthplace into a learning center where discussions of past human rights violations can serve to promote fair and equal rights for all. While the destruction of sites like these may be preferable to many, it also is a unique opportunity to address a dark history and learn how to keep it from happening again.

Article Summary

In 2016, the Austrian government purchased the building in which Adolf Hitler was born. After a lengthy dispute, it was decided that the building would be renovated and used by police for human rights training. Some Austrians favored demolishing the building, with a committee concerned it could become a focal point for neo-Nazis. Others were concerned that demolishing the building would be a denial of Austria's history.

During WWII the building was used as a shrine for pro-Nazi tourists. Since then, it has been boarded up and then used as a charity for those with special needs. While historically Austria has stated it was the first victim of Germany when it was annexed, recently the country has been more open about the population's complacency in the Nazi atrocities.


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