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European Human Rights Summit to Focus on War in Ukraine

May 15, 2023

[Image Source: Associated Press Via ABC News]

Cited article by Raf Casert, Associated Press via ABC News

HRRC continues to condemn the ongoing human rights violations and war crimes reported in Ukraine. The Council of Europe Summit is an important platform to discuss necessary actions in support of Ukraine and for holding Russia accountable. Documenting the crimes and registering the damage caused by Russia is a critical step towards justice.

Article Summary

The Council of Europe Summit will be hosted in Reykjavik, Iceland, focusing on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Russia will not be in attendance at the summit as the country was expelled in 2022 due to its invasion of Ukraine. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated that she "will very strongly support the creation of a dedicated tribunal to bring Russia’s crime of aggression to trial”.

One of the Council's priorities is to document the damage caused by Russian forces in Ukraine, creating a register to hold Russia accountable for all its victims in the war. This documentation of war crimes being committed by Russia is critical for future legal and justice processes. Additionally, the Council intends to investigate reports of Ukrainian children seized by Russian forces and taken back to Russia. The council hopes that the United States, which is an observer at the summit, will support these initiatives.


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