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Climate Change Reports Stress "Liveable Future" is at Risk

March 15, 2023

Photo: Residents search for their belongings in the debris of collapsed huts after Cyclone Sitrang hit Chittagong, Bangladesh, last year [Image credit: Rabin Chowdhury/AFP]

Cited article by Al Jazeera

HRRC is devastated by the findings of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in their recent deliberations. Climate change has devastating impacts on the planet and affects every living being. Countries worldwide must heed the advice from the IPCC and immediately reduce their carbon emissions to ensure human life will continue on in a climate-safe world.

Article Summary

The UN IPCC concluded it's week-long deliberations over six reports. The reports totaled 10,000 pages and were compiled by 1,000 scientists worldwide over the last six years. Despite international efforts and 193 nations joining the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, the IPCC concluded only the most ambitious goals of reducing carbon emissions would ensure a liveable future.

In response to the IPCC report, UN Chief Antonio Guterres referred to the devastating impact on humanity as "atlas of human suffering”. The world can anticipate increasing numbers of floods, storms, dying crops, droughts, and more. Vulnerable populations and Indigenous peoples will be disproportionately affected. Further, data has shown that climate change has adversely affected physical and mental health worldwide. The IPCC warns nations to immediately and heavily reduce methane and fossil fuel production, otherwise the world will face certain and irreversible harm.


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