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Eli Szydlo, MSc

Co-Founder & Vice-President
Research Analyst, Criminology & Cultural Heritage

Eli Szydlo received his Masters of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Glasgow under the Saltire Scholarship as well as the Future World Changers program. Prior to attending for his MSc, he completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime through Glasgow. Throughout his postgraduate studies, he has examined the role that cultural heritage plays within large scale conflicts and genocides. This led him to investigate the possible roles that cultural heritage can play post-conflict, in societies dealing with trauma and promoting a positive association with objects that hold historical significance to traumatized communities. While he specializes in cultural heritage, he also has seven years of volunteer and work experience in emergency services, and has researched a wide array of human rights topics from a criminological perspective.

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