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US Judge Blocks Biden Administration 'Asylum Ban'

July 26. 2023

[Image Source: Eric Gay/AP Photo]

Cited article by Al Jazeera

HRRC calls on the Biden administration to alter the 'Asylum Ban' policy that has replaced Title 42. This policy forces asylum seekers to stay in countries where their safety is at risk, and where there are no proper asylum processes in place to assist them.

Article Summary

US District Judge Jon Tigar blocked a Biden administration policy put in place in May that effectively prevents most asylum seekers from applying for protection at the US-Mexico border. The block however will not have immediate effect, as the judge stayed his decision for two weeks, allowing the administration to appeal to a higher court.

Katrina Eiland, deputy director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, stated, “Each day the Biden administration prolongs the fight over its illegal ban, many people fleeing persecution and seeking safe harbor for their families are instead left in grave danger,”.

The policy is a replacement for Title 42. It blocks most asylum seekers from applying at the border if they did not seek asylum in third countries they had passed through earlier in their journey. The policy also denies them if they did not utilize "legal pathways" to reach the US. Critics state this policy is against US obligations under international law and forces people to apply for asylum in unsafe countries.


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