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Urgent Call to End Political Repression and Arbitrary Detentions by Venezuelan Government

August 30, 2023

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has rejected criticism of his government's human rights record [Image credit: Leonardo Fernandez Viloria/Reuters]

Cited article by Al Jazeera

HRRC joins Al Jazeera in calling out the Venezuelan government's utilization of arbitrary detentions as tools for both social control and political repression, specifically targeting educators, trade unionists, and advocates for human rights.

News Brief

Amnesty International's recent report underscores the Venezuelan government's systematic application of arbitrary detentions to stifle political dissent. This systematic approach signifies a widespread effort to suppress any perceived challenges to the leadership and policies of Nicolás Maduro. The scope of these detentions goes beyond just political activists, encompassing a diverse group of individuals, such as human rights defenders, trade unionists, and workers asserting their labor rights. Noteworthy patterns within these detentions encompass "arrests without warrants," "brief periods of enforced disappearance subsequent to apprehension," and "restrictions on access to the right to legal defense."

In 2022, the United Nations Human Rights Council extended the mandate of human rights missions for an additional two years, highlighting the international concern for the situation. Additionally, the International Criminal Court has directed its prosecutors to initiate investigations into human rights abuses in Venezuela, further emphasizing the gravity of the situation in the Venezuelan government.


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