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UN International Day of Education

January 24, 2022

[Image Credit: UNICEF/Frank Dejongh]

Cited article by United Nations

HRRC considers education a central focus of our organization's work, and therefore recognizes the International Day of Education as one of the most important days on our calendar. Education is an inherent right and should not be restricted by barriers of wealth, class, language, disability, religion, color of skin, or any other identifiers.

Article Summary

The UN recognizes January 24th as the International Day of Education. This year, the UN is dedicating the day to highlighting the most important transformations that have furthered everyone's fundamental right to education, and to build a more sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful prospect for our future. Discussion this year will also focus on how we can strengthen education, direct the digital transformation of education while supporting teachers, and promote the potential of every person to contribute to our collective well-being.

The UN emphasizes that education is a human right enshrined in article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Additionally, education plays a pivotal role in sustainable development, and is essential in all 17 goals included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development passed in 2015. Lastly, the UN reminds us that while education offers a path for children born into poverty, there are considerable challenges and many children find their right to education blocked.


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