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U.S. Sanctions Sudanese Security Forces

April 5, 2022

[Image Source: Reuters via Polity]

Cited press statement by U.S. Department of State

HRRC supports efforts to end human rights abuses including sanctions targeting those committing such abuses. We further support a democratic government for Sudan. The Sudanese people must be allowed freedom of speech and the ability to determine their government representation through fair elections.

Article Summary

The United States has issued sanctions against Sudan's Central Reserve Police (CRP) for committing gross human rights violations. Specifically, the CRP used excessive and lethal force against protestors who were against the military takeover. The CRP's crimes have been ongoing since October 25, 2021. As recently as March 14th, reports allege that the CRP has carried out rape, torture, killings, arbitrary detentions, and other human rights abuses.

The U.S. calls for an end to the attacks against civilians, specifically referencing "unjust detentions of civil society activists, politicians, journalists, cultural figures, and humanitarian workers; closure of media outlets; continued violence against peaceful protesters including sexual violence and attacks on medical facilities; and communications blackouts". The sanctions are aimed to support a multilateral effort to establish a civilian-led democratic government for Sudan.


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