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U.S. Releases 2021 Report on International Human Rights Practices

April 12, 2022

Cited report by the U.S. Department of State. Summary via The New York Times by Michael Crowley.

HRRC recognizes the importance of reports that highlight the state of human rights globally. While the U.S. report has a specific criteria under which countries are analyzed, it is a valuable resource for the public, and assists various organizations in understanding the human rights situations in individual countries.

Report Summary

The United States has released its annual report on human rights. The 2021 report includes 198 countries and territories in total. While the reports covers foreign countries, the preface highlights that the U.S. has not always succeeded in supporting human rights domestically, but is striving to better achieve the ideals enshrined in global human rights.

The report specifically highlights countries that have jailed, targeted, and killed political opponents, journalists, and activists. Additionally, it illustrates where countries have extended their reach across borders to target other countries and minority groups within. However, the report also emphasizes the countries and regions where human rights are improving and the progress made toward equality and freedom.

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