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U.S. Issues Sanctions Against China, Myanmar, and North Korea

December 12, 2021

[Image Source: Nicholas Kamm | AFP | Getty Images]

Cited article by CNBC

HRRC's Response:

The U.S. is imposing significant sanctions against China, Myanmar, North Korea, and other entities and people who are tied to human rights violations. Both Canada and the United Kingdom joined the U.S. in imposing sanctions against Myanmar due to ongoing human rights abuses. The Chinese embassy has denounced these actions and stated that it is harmful to U.S.-China relations and damages the norms of traditional international diplomacy.

These sanctions are the latest in a line of decisions by the Biden administration that coincide with the Summit for Democracy. Among those included in the sanctions is Chinese intelligence company SenseTime, which has developed facial recognition software. This software is reportedly making it easier to identify ethnic groups and has been used to identify Uyghurs, who are targets in China's genocidal campaign.

HRRC supports these sanctions in the hopes they will prevent further human rights abuses. In response to these sanctions, we hope that more governments will put pressure on countries, individuals, and companies that commit human rights abuses and demand accountability.


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