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U.S. Federal Trade Commission Target AI that Deceives and Violates Civil Rights

April 19, 2023

FTC Chair Lina M. Khan [Image Source: Graeme Jennings/Pool via Reuters]

Cited article by Reuters

HRRC supports the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in addressing concerns over misuse of new technologies. Legal guidelines have historically fallen behind advances in technology. With the growing implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it is important for agencies such as the FTC to move quickly to ensure peoples' civil rights are not being violated.

Article Summary

The United States FTC has announced it will target companies that utilize AI technology to deceive and violate civil rights laws. Concerns are growing as several recent AI releases have included the use of deep fakes to scam people, as well as committing other legal violations. Most recently, OpenAI's ChatGPT sparked worry over how companies could use AI in an effort to enhance efficiency.

In the announcement, FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya said that "companies using algorithms or artificial intelligence were not allowed to violate civil rights laws or break rules against unfair and deceptive acts." FTC Chair Lina Khan agreed with Bedoya and added that the new advances in technology presents the opportunity to accelerate fraud and scams, and therefore any wrongful uses of the technology should face FTC action.


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