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U.N. Climate Report Signals Devastation Already Underway

February 28, 2022

[Image Source: Leon Lord / AFP via Getty Images file]

Cited article by Denise Chow, NBC News

HRRC urges governments and all people around the world to address climate concerns and abide by the recommendations of climate change experts. Unless increased action is taken immediately, all will face the severe consequences. The U.N. report might paint a bleak picture of our future, but actions can be taken to mitigate the climate emergency we are in now.

Article Summary

The U.N. has released a thorough report on climate change produced by 270 scientists as part of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This report details the rapidly escalating climate situation and how extreme weather, rising sea levels, and other climate effects are threatening communities as well as the natural environment. The report also details the consequences we all face in the future if immediate actions aren't taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The report states that the climate is changing faster than we can adapt. We can expect to see droughts, heat waves, and floods to increase. These changes pose direct threats to human life. Further, these climate events have already increased global food and water insecurity and will only increase as events become more frequent. Additionally, rising temperatures expose people to animal-born illnesses, and the increasing forest fires pose respiratory and cardiac risks. Unfortunately, all of these devastating consequences disproportionally affect those of poor communities and developing nations.

The IPCC is scheduled to issue a follow-up report in April that will discuss steps to mitigate climate change.


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