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Taliban Continues Increased Aggression in Afghanistan

August 11, 2021

Afghan security forces pictured in combat against Taliban on July 23, 2021 [Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images]

Cited article by Clarissa Ward and Tim Lister, CNN

HRRC's Response:

In the past week, news outlets have been reporting on the increased aggression and territory captured by Taliban forces in Afghanistan. At the time of the cited article, nine capitals in the province are under Taliban control.

Afghan security forces are experiencing increasingly low morale, with many soldiers abandoning their posts and donning civilian attire. Those previously trained by US forces are overstretched and unable to adequately respond the the increased aggression. Equipment, arms, and vehicles previously provided to Afghan police and security forces are now in the hands of the Taliban as they capture key locations.

HRRC expresses concern over the increased aggression by Taliban forces, and echoes concern that this aggression will continue outside of Afghanistan and embolden similar ideological groups. Should the current level of violence continue, the international community must prepare to take in refugees fleeing Taliban forces.


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