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Peruvian Human Rights Advocate Receives Human Rights Fellowship

September 28, 2021

Bryan Russell [Image Source: © Bryan Russell 2020, via Human Rights Watch]

Cited article by Human Rights Watch

HRRC's Response:

Human Rights Watch is awarding Bryan Russell with the Human Rights Watch Marca Bristo Fellowship for Courageous Leadership in Disability Rights. Russel is an advocate for inclusive schooling, as well as health care and political participation, and is the first person with Down Syndrome to pursue a political career in Peru.

Russell advocates for the rights of people with disabilities and has opposed policies and legislation that would undermine these rights. He is also a member of the Peruvian Down Syndrome Society where he is working for the government to consult with organizations of people with disabilities, to ensure appropriate representation. Russell hopes to use this fellowship to allow him to better educate on the rights of people with disabilities in Peru, as well as find ways to encourage the government to implement the policies it has developed.

HRRC advocates for inclusion of those with disabilities and supports the rights of all. Fellowship opportunities are imperative in ensuring advocates on these issues have the ability to implement education and effect positive change.


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