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March 11 - March 17, 2024: Week in Review

March 18, 2024

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Other Breaking Human Rights News

March 11, 2024

Climate Change as a Path to Engagement with North Korea (Troy Stangarone, United States Institute of Peace)

Inside Afghanistan's gender apartheid (Sahar Halaimazi, Metra Mehran, and Marika Theros, Atlantic Council)


March 12, 2024


March 13, 2024


March 14, 2024

Out of Sight, Afghans Are Going Hungry (Fereshta Abbasi, Human Rights Watch)


March 15, 2024

in purple on International Women’s Day


March 16, 2024

North Korean defectors seek more U.N. monitoring of abuses (Emma Farge and Cecile Mantovani, Reuters)


March 17, 2024



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